Javier Sempere

margen / Javier SempereI was born in Madrid, more than fifty years ago. I was the first born.Two sisters arrived a little later. My father was a civil servant. My mother was a housewife. I learned how to read. I went to a Catholic school. I took my first communion dressed as a little sailor boy. When I was seven years old my father asked to be relocated abroad, probably because it paid well. I travelled to Uruguay. I became "el gallego". I discovered pizza. I broke an arm, learnt how to say "ché" and fell in love with a girl, Elena Saavedra, who didn´t pay me the slightest bit of notice.

At thirteen years of age I returned to Spain. I went back to the same school, with the same school friends I left behind when we went to Uruguay. I was a good student. I finished sixth form with first class honours. Franco died. I studied engineering. I discovered Borges, Cortázar and García Márquez. I decided I didn´t want to be an engineer. I did my stint in the army. I fell in love. I became a rebel. I lived it up in the swinging years. I discovered David Bowie and Bob Dylan.

I worked for a year as a photographer. I discovered computers. I worked as a technician in a ministry. I set up a photographic studio with Carlos, who back then was studying architecture. Juan came to work with Carlos and with me. The company was called Magenta. I discovered I preferred dedicating myself to design rather than photography. I learnt typography. I fell in love. I won my first design contest with a logo for an urbanisation. Magenta prospered. I discovered Mozart and Brahms. A friend died of Aids. Carlos decided to set up an architecture studio, and I was left alone with Juan. I crossed the United States in a fifth-hand car. I had various girlfriends. I worked for some important clients. I learnt about gardening. I set up an IT company. It was a resounding failure. I visited Expo 92. My father died of cancer. Magenta had problems, and in the end we closed it down.

I founded Margen with Juan. I met Virginia. Margen thrived. I undertook my first multimedia publishing project. I discovered the Internet. A little later I married Virginia. The following year, Nuño was born. Inés arrived shortly after him. Now, they are almost teenagers. Nuño reads voraciously. He is intelligent, innocent, stubborn and a very bright student, just like me. Inés is smart and shy. She likes sports; a champion swimmer, she rides horses and plays basketball. I think she has talent as an artist. When they smile, my life lights up. I love them so much it surprises even me.

I learned and advanced professionally. I became an expert in multimedia corporate communication. I did important projects for my clients. I´m happy with many of them. I´m as specialist in branding, Internet and communication technology. My last professional challenge is personal branding. I have just started a new project that joins my experience in communication with a lifelong passion for the sensorial universe of aromas: Pressentia. Crisis always bring opportunities. I keep on learning.  


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