Juan Repullés

margen / Juan RepullésA biography can begin to seem a bit like a drama when one is about to hit the age of fifty. The past begins to seem immense and the future becomes slimmer. When one begins to describe oneself, it is very easy to become confused and only convey what one has been.

I am, I would like to think, essentially the same as I have always been. Always for almost thirty years now. Before your 20´s you can change, sometimes radically. After our twenties, to the despair of our partners, we boys tend to repeat ourselves.

At this age I accumulate wounds that will be difficult to heal: the death of my brother, the death of my father, the death of my grandmother. I have certainties that will soon cease to be so: the incorruptible love of my children, Miguel and Marta.

My education, Madrid, Carmen, my friends, my mother, some books and many songs are responsible for my beliefs, my fears, my hopes and my pleasures.

I share Margen with Javier, a friend of mine since the faraway age of sixteen. We wanted to create a project in which we would feel comfortable professionally and we have been doing so for the last twenty five years. We continue to do so today. In my job I like to think, learn, innovate, grow with our clients, deserve the trust of those who are loyal to us and earn it from those who work with us for the first time.

From the future I hope for more lucidity, to not lose the excitement of starting new projects, meeting people and learning new things, never ceasing to be good and to believe, albeit with some degree of scepticism, that every day counts.

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