Julio Vidarte

margen / Julio VidarteHello,

Thank you for your interest in finding out who I am. I currently manage the new business at Margen, but the path here has been long and full of very varied professional and personal experiences.

From all of them I retain fond memories and the inestimable value of the "experience". Throughout my journey I have had the opportunity of enriching my professional baggage during 19 years in mass market multinationals, industrial companies and the retail sector.

I like to feel passionate about the projects I manage, it is essential when you spend so many hours on them. I try to offer my clients the perfection I have always sought in my moments of truth*, and which delights me so much when I receive it from other companies, both professionally and personally.

¡If you want to develop any communication activity, you can count on us!

* All points of contact between consumer or user and the company providing goods or a service. From the quality perceived in these moments of truth, the client will form his or her attitude towards the company, service or in the case of e-business, website. Jan Carlzon. Ex-President of SAS, Scandinavian Airlines Systems.

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