Julieta Martínez

margen / Julieta MartínezI would rather be ash than dust! I would rather my spark explode in blinding brilliance than be extinguished like a dry twig. I would rather be a majestic meteorite and have all the atoms in my body red-hot than be a boring immobile planet. To live, and not simply to exist, is the true mission of man. And not waste my days trying to prolong it. I will use my time.

This is a realist text, stimulating and full of passion. It is optimistic; it will make you feel better. When you read it, you will feel calmer, your body will relax and everything will seem that little bit easier. Life is beautiful, you think to yourself, you get up and you leave your computer. You go out. You look around, you see, you feel. You feel the energy. It envelops you. It overcomes you. Thousands of people. Energy flowing by the thousands. An ocean of energy in which you submerge yourself. We are floating......

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