Margen is a reflection of the personal, ethical and aesthetic values of all those who work in this company.

  • Our work must contribute towards the integral betterment of ourselves as people. Integrity always comes before business.
  • We work to provide maximum satisfaction to our clients, to ourselves, our suppliers and to the society in which we undertake our activity.
  • We are a service company. Our objective consists in satisfying the needs and resolving the design, information and communication problems of our clients.
  • We aspire to excellence. Our work must always excel due to its optimal quality. To do so, we establish and implement the most demanding criteria in quality control.
  • We want to work with companies and organisations that share our values. In particular, we seek clients who value excellence in quality, service, innovation and design.
  • We have the obligation to be aware of the evolution of society and ideas, and support with our work those we consider to be valuable.
  • Our suppliers must share our objectives, because they are our collaborators. We will share with them the satisfaction we gain from their collaboration.
  • We believe in the importance of people. The value of our service is based on intelligence, training, initiative, responsibility, dedication and work.
  • We believe in technical innovation at the service of our work. We continually research the manner in which to make use of technical and scientific advances in order to provide our clients with a more effective service and undertake our activity in a more competent manner.
  • We hope to receive fair recompense for our work, such that it would permit us to live comfortably, improve the service we offer our clients and develop new professional projects.
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