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    The client

    Adif, responsible for Spanish railway infrastructures, is the largest infrastructure management company in our country and one of the largest in Europe.

    Adif has been a client of Margen for 6 years. Amongst other projects, they have commissioned from us the creation and design of corporate and promotional publications, multimedia presentations and other applications.

    The project

    The company is aware of the impact its activity has on society. For this reason, one of the priorities of Adif is Corporate Social Responsibility. Their strategy is based on a Social Commitment, itself based on the values of sustainability, transparency and environmental responsibility.

    The annual report should include, in a detailed manner, the initiatives, goals and achievements of Adif within the field of sustainability, and present the activity of the Company in a manner that is consistent with its corporate values.

    The result

    The publication is divided into 5 volumes, and is presented in a case that contains them. An executive summary serves as a general summary. Also included is a social report, a report on strategy and commitment, an environmental report and, lastly, the Company′s financial and business activity report. The design reflects the values of the company, and highlights the clarity of the information and the ease of access to the data.

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