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    The client

    Genoma España is a state public sector Foundation that drives technological development and the transfer of knowledge and innovation, principally within the biotechnological sector. Since its beginnings in 2002, Genoma España has entrusted Margen with the development of its Corporate Image and Web communication.

    The project

    After the 8 years that have passed since the creation of the first Genoma España Website, the client has commissioned us to undertake a project to renovate their website. The aim was to incorporate the experience of the earlier website, improve the functionality, and up-date its design and usability. The objective was to ensure that the Website would continue to be, in the coming years, a benchmark within the sector in Spain.

    The result

    The new Genoma España Website reflects in its design the activity and the experience of the institution. Published wholly in Spanish and English, it complies with WAI AA accessibility standards. A sophisticated system of tracking and segmentation of users permits the client to offer each visitor.A bespoke content manager permits those in charge of the organisation to keep the information continually up-dated.

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